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Winter never happened here in North Idaho.  We have had almost 12 weeks of dry unseasonably warm weather and now, I have mountain lillies coming up in my planter beds. Normally that happens in late April.  Ski season is basically over and now I see people buzzing around town, running, biking and walking.  About this time of year, I hear people saying words like plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, foot pain, knee pain and, even, back pain after starting to get “in shape for summer” or starting to exercise outdoors.

Overtraining, improper training, poor shoe wear and abnormal biomechanics of feet and lower legs can cause a multitude of symptoms. If you are a running, this next link gives you a wealth of information on typical symptoms and signs that trouble may be ahead.

Follow this link. <–

This information is not specific to runners, but also, hikers, bikers and walkers.  It makes a strong recommendation to see a Physical Therapist to help treat the symptoms.  If you have had some of these issues in the past, or unresolved pain now, it is a great time to come to 2 Hands Physical Therapy for assessment of your biomechanics with movement.  I will look at your posture, assess length and strength of your leg and back muscles, look at functional movements for deficits and determine the best plan of action for your injury. Back pain can happen while walking because of poor core control and sometimes the simpliest exercises can make your walking painfree.  I do offer orthotic services at very reasonable rates for clients that may need a foot orthosis’ to help improve their biomechanics. My favorite orthotics are from Vionic, (http://www.vionicshoes.com/orthotics.html) and PAL Health Technologies (https://palhealthtech.com/)

So, when you decide spring has sprung and you want to get outside and move, please have supportive shoes, stretch your calves, legs and back.  Start out slow and build up the distances you put on your body as you go!