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This is the second of a two-part blog post.

So, as a PT, it is really easy to look at a teenage girl’s overall posture and the length of her muscles and foot position.  All of these play a role in teenage knee pain.  Sometimes we see flat feet or excessive pronation that just adds to the knock kneed or valgus position of the knees. As a parent, you want your child live a long healthy and happy life.  They love sports, they do not want to give them up, but they are running and jumping for their sport and they hurt.  The parent has many resources in the community to help your child.  First, find a good physical therapist who will spend 15 minutes just looking at your child posture and flexibility and strength. If the PT finds some abnormal biomechanics or flexibility issues, then choose to set up a full Physical therapy evaluation.  At that time, the therapist can put together a complete plan of treatment for your child that will teach good lifelong healthy exercises to get your child painfree and playing their sport again. Sometimes, your child will be a good candidate for orthotics. Of course, this could be a lifelong commitment to wearing orthotics and this is something you will need to discuss as a parent and child to help maintain good foot postures for walking, and running.

So, if there is any question about your teenager having knee pain, please call me for a 15 minute assessment. I do this complimentary so that you have a happy teenage girl in your house instead of a moody one.

As a side note, I have had PAL Health Technologies fabricating orthotics for my clients for the past 25 years and have had great experiences with their customer service and product.   Have a great day!