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2 Hands Physical Therapy serving CDA

Cathy Gephart PT with over 31 years experience

Over the past 31+ years, I have seen nearly everything.  I love orthopedics — muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and biomechanics of the body.  I excel at making a PT diagnosis using numerous clinical assessments to determine the source of your symptoms.  I specialize in:

  • post surgical patients
  • car accident victims
  • workman’s compensation injuries
  • youth sports injuries, and
  • custom foot orthotics

All treatments are one-on-one, and I love to teach my clients how to best manage their pain and return to productive daily life as quickly. 

Why is it called 2 Hands Physical Therapy?

I use my 2 hands to provide manual therapy as I treat and evaluate my patients.  (It’s sort of catchy, too!)

How long is a typical session?

A typical session can last 45 minutes to an hour based on your situation.  You’ll be seeing me directly, which makes the session very efficient.

How soon will I feel better?

It’s normal to want to return to everyday life as soon as possible.  I will diagnose your particular ailment and provide a course of treatment.  In most cases, you will start to see and feel results in 6 to 10 visits after following the treatment and completing your out-of-clinic exercises.

Do you take insurance? What if I am uninsured?

Yes, I definitely take insurance and medicare (sorry no medicaid).  But not only that, I have set up my practice to be affordable so that people with no or limited insurance benefits will seek the care they need instead of living in pain.

I have found Two Hands Physical Therapy to be a very unique physical therapy boutique. The two “gifted hands” I will be speaking of belong to, and are guided by, Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Cathy Gephart. Cathy keeps her gift of focused, purposeful, and injury specific rehabilitation and/or reduction of pain (in many cases the elimination of pain) at the forefront of her practice. 

Cathy Gephart has this “born with gift” of being able to create a mindful documentation of a clients specific muscular, physiological & neurological problems and concerns in a manner which most have never experienced- Expect lots of inquisitive questions, structural positioning & solicited client feedback at the beginning of your assessment. Keep in mind, the pathway to an individual’s successful therapy is truly an art-form created in this therapist’s mind. This highly respected physical therapist is definitely unique and effective with her cerebral-mindful therapy approach. You will not be disappointed. 

Now, here is the best of the rest. Once Cathy has this blueprint for her clients’ physical therapy program, she will put her “two gifted hands” to the task. PTCG’s two hands, guided, I’m certain, by her “mental blueprint & personalized feeling” for the client go to work- Almost surgically. Cathy’s hands intuitively locate structural and muscular problem areas and strategically apply rhythmical localized pressure relieving pain associated with tired/injured muscles and associated facia. Results speak volumes. 

Joe K. 
April thru October 2020 
50+ sequenced visits 

Cathy Gephart is a brilliant PT! When I sustained a neck injury from an unlikely cause, she was the only person who truly listened to me and right away knew exactly what was wrong.  2 years, thousands of dollars, multiple specialist visits and months of agonizing pain, I finally found a doctor to prove her right!  I was able to have surgery to fix the problem that she called 48 hrs after my symptoms started.  I would recommend Cathy as a PT to anyone and everyone!  Not only is she BRILLIANT, she is compassionate and caring and truly listens to her patients.  Thank you, Cathy!

Kirsten A. via Facebook